Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Sun is SO BRIGHT!!


Okay, so another awesome week.  President Hinckley said, "Every day on the mission should be a good day," and it is so true; even the tough days always seem to be good.  We had a lot of really tough days this week that made it hard not to get discouraged.  But, we just ate an oatmeal cookie, said a prayer, got to work, and we saw so many miracles from just enduring and continuing to work.  Once again,  it has been so cool to see the work continue to progress.  

I don't have much time, but a few highlights from this week:

1.  We had four investigators show up to Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and it was the HAPPIEST thing ever watching them as they walked through the door.  Sacrament Meeting was interesting, and I'm just gonna leave it at that, but they all seemed to have a great time and really feel loved and welcome as well.  And, I know they felt the spirit.

 2.  The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways, like having appointments cancel just so you are available to meeting with other people.  We saw that so much this week!  Our appointments and lessons would cancel, which was discouraging after awhile, but each time they did we realized they needed to cancel otherwise we wouldn't have been able to be with the people we needed to be teaching.  So...many tender mercies!! 

3.  The SUN is so BRIGHT!!!  Yes, it is the first day of spring.  We have three feet of snow, and it is still -3 outside right now, but, whatever, because it is so light--almost all day long!!!

Something I have been really focusing on this week is prayer.  Prayer is truly so powerful.  SINCERE prayer is so powerful, and falling to your knees is really truly the best way to find courage to do anything and overcome anything.  This Church is so true, and the Book of Mormon...Oh, I just grow to love that book more and more each day.  

Anyway, sorry I have to go.  Have such a good week!

Sister McKenna Lake

 Even though people don't want the Gospel in their lives, we're still happy because the Book of Mormon is true, and we want everyone to know it!!



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