Friday, August 26, 2016

Setting Apart as a Missionary and Saying Goodbye to Family - August 16, 2016

Sister Lake was officially set apart as a missionary by her Eagle Idaho Stake President, President Martin Stafford, the day before she was driven to Provo by her parents and entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center).  At the MTC she will receive instructions and training for three weeks on how to be an effective missionary before traveling to Alaska.  

Being Set Apart is the priesthood ordinance giving authority to members called to labor in specific responsibilities, which is performed by those having the proper priesthood authority and by the laying on of hands.  She was given a beautiful blessing and many promises were made if she would devote these next 18 months to the Lord and be obedient in all of her responsibilities.

 Sister Lake's parents and siblings (minus older brother, Jaden) were in attendance at her Setting Apart at the stake president's office.


After her Setting Apart, her family returned home to load up her luggage and begin the drive to Provo with her parents.  This part of going on a mission is perhaps one of the hardest--saying goodbye to siblings and parents because a sister missionary will not see her family or friends for 18 months (elders for 2 years).  They may only receive e-mails once a week from home and call home twice a year (on Christmas and Mother's Day). 

Sister Lake with her brother, Cole.

Her little brother Garner

 Her sweet little sister, Brielle
And last, but not least, her youngest sibling, Channing

D-Day - Final Goodbyes and Entering the MTC - August 17, 2016

 After spending the night at her grandparents house in Centerville, Sister Lake said an early morning goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma Garner.
 A visit to the Provo Temple before being dropped off at the MTC and a goodbye hug from her mother
 And last, but not least, saying goodbye to her father!
And she is off!  She will be dearly missed; however, Sister Lake and her family realize that the next 18 months will be hard in many ways, but rewarding in more ways than she will ever be able to comprehend.  She will grow in faith in our Heavenly Father relying on Him that she will be watched over and protected, and learning firsthand how to serve!  Many prayers will be offered by her loved ones, and they will also grow by hearing of her many opportunities and experiences in sharing the Gospel with the people in Alaska!! 

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