Thursday, August 25, 2016

Speaking in Sacrament Meeting - July 17, 2016

Sister Lake spoke in her Eagle Ward Sacrament Meeting on July 17, 2016.  Her bishopric asked her to speak about Thomas S. Monson’s General Conference talk given in 2013 titled, “Obedience Brings Blessings.”  McKenna talked about how much she loved the following quote from Pres. Monson, “And Knowledge of truth and answers to our greatest questions come to us as we are obedient to the commandments God.”  Sister Lake shared with the congregation that keeping the commandments for her is a lot easier when she looks at the commandments as a positive thing instead of a negative thing.   Since this realization, she has appreciated the commandments, standards and guidelines that have been given because they really “help a lot.”  She is grateful for the example of obedience and the standards of her siblings and parents, along with Abraham and Isaac and Nephi.  “The Lord appreciates us when we are obedient, and He blesses us because He knows what is best for our each of our lives.” 

She was also asked to explain what helped her reach the point where she knew she was supposed to serve a mission.   She explained that she had always wanted to go on a mission, but when she needed to fill out her mission papers, she wanted to know for sure.  She related that she had been regularly attending church, praying, reading her scriptures, everything she knew she should be doing, but she didn’t receive a “for sure” answer.  When she was at the Provo City Temple dedication and heard the doubts and fears of Sister Dalton deciding whether or not she and her husband should serve a mission, Sister Dalton shared that she wasn’t attending the temple or fasting as often as she should.  So, the next week Sister Dalton did those two things and said, “It was a complete change.”  So, McKenna decided she was going to take Sister Dalton’s advice about attending the temple more often and fasting.  Following those additional commandments, Sister Lake received her answer!   

Sister Lake closed her talk by bearing her testimony on the importance of obedience, the power of the atonement and Christ’s sacrifice, the truth of the Book of Mormon, the blessing of temples, and how the Plan of Salvation can bring us back to our Heavenly Father to live with our families through the eternities.  

3 generations--McKenna with her mother and Grandma Garner
McKenna with her Grandmother Lake
McKenna's Aunt Jennifer, who takes all of the wonderful pictures in the family!
 Add one more aunt, Aunt Camille (in the red jacket), who feeds the whole family!
McKenna's high school friends and roommates at UVU.
The Lake family with the Adcock family, friendship that goes way back!!

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