Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello, hello, hello!

Today is P-day and we went shopping; however, our shopping trip was not a good one.  This guy started trying to bash with us and was disputing everything I said, including my testimony.  Anyway, there's those people that are ready and those that are not!  

On a good note, I received a text yesterday from the Ronne Family! I get to see them today and I am SO EXCITED!  I think she is flying down to move to BYU-Idaho.  How cool is that!?  She is going to meet some incredible Mormon guy and get married in the temple.  It is seriously so cool to think how different her life will be with the Gospel in it now then what it was before being baptized.  I am so excited for her and happy that I will be able to visit her in Rexburg when I return home. 

 The Ronne Family

Sister Lake and her companion on exchanges with Sister Missionaries

 Picture of Sister Lake sent by some ward member?

I also was able to see Sister Cox this week, which is always a highlight!  I feel so blessed to have found such an incredible friend on the mission.  And, I was able to see the beautiful Soldotna when we went on exchanges there.  It is on the peninsula where everybody comes up to Alaska to visit.  It is about 3.5 hours away from Anchorage and it is AMAZING. Also, ODI OUR INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH!  So exciting!!

I promise to write a long letter next Monday!

Love you all and miss you,
Sister McKenna Lake
Anchorage Alaska Mission

 Beautiful Soldotna!

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