Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Adios, North Pole!


First off, talking with the family on Mother's Day was the highlight of my week!!  I love and miss you all so much!  Second, I have made it my whole mission without getting too sick, up until this week, and the flu has gotten the best of me, so bear with me and my short email.  Also, packing is so stressful.  Who would have thought keeping our suitcases under 50 pounds would be so hard.  

Third, we received transfer calls this week, and I am heading to Anchorage to the Ocean View Ward.  I will also cover the Bush Branch.  The Bush Branch consists of the members all over Alaska that live in the little villages, and they call in for all their meetings.  I am so excited!  I fly out tomorrow morning, and get to spend a whole 24 hours with my mission mom (who was my trainer when I first arrived).  We get to pick up all the new missionaries coming in and do all that fun stuff.  AND, I get to see Sister Cox and Sister Richards again because they are going to be mothers!!!  I am so excited for them; their trainees are going to be the luckiest people ever!  The next few days will be exciting and crazy.  

[Just a little more explanation of what McKenna's new calling will be--She will be an STL (Sister Training Leader).] 

Fun panorama picture with the elders 

As excited as I am for this new adventure, I am so sad to be leaving the North Pole!  So sad!  It has been hard saying goodbye, especially to the ward.  I have grown to love this ward so much, and am very thankful for the opportunity I have had to serve here and meet the incredible people I have met.  I'm sorry the goodbye was a quick one.  I'll fill you in more next week.  

Saying goodbye to the wonderful ward members

 I love you all and I love this Gospel so much!  This Church is so true!! Have a great week.

Love, Sister Lake 

Sister Jimenez and Lake in disguise!

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