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Watch Out for Dogs!!!


This one will be quick because today is P-Day, and we are heading out to the Knotty Shop (a really cool and famous shop in the middle of nowhere).  I have a funny story about the shop for next week, but...this week was so good!

First off--the weather has been incredible.  Absolutely incredible!!  Well, I guess, except for the random hail storms here and there.  It has been so nice, which means North Pole has all of a sudden turned from a ghost town to an actual, normal-looking town with people walking around instead of hibernating, which makes mission work so much more fun!

 My favorite kids!  (P.S.  This is what all of North Pole looks like right now; it's called break-up season!)

It has been fun just to walk around and talk with people and share with them what we believe.  It has been so awesome, and we have found some new potential investigators because of it!  We had some awesome lessons with our investigators this week.  The first one with "H" went really well.  It just seemed like everything clicks with her, except for the importance of partaking of the Sacrament every week.  A lot of people have a hard time and just don't understand why we need to go to church every Sunday.  So, we're working on that.  It is so cool to see the Gospel principles all come back to her memory because she already knew; she just needed to be reminded, and the Spirit is definitely doing that!

Our other lesson was with this family that has been investigating for quite some time now--like a few years.  We have met with them almost every week since I have been up here, and we will see changes and progression, and then...STOP!  So, we took a break and just started meeting with them again, and it has been so cool.  We have been making the lessons more fun and focusing 100% on our Savior, Jesus Christ, because the Gospel is centered on Him and His atoning sacrifice.  Since then, the lessons have been going really well.  The Spirit is so strong, and she even notices that.  She said there is just a different feeling--a good feeling this time.  We are excited to see her progression!

Such a good week!  I surely do love being up here and especially love the ward!!!

Quick story--So, Sister Jimenez is terrified of dogs, and so am I, but thanks to my trainer--she made me just suck it up and have faith that Heavenly Father would protect me.   If we skipped the homes that had dogs, we would probably only have 10 homes left to track in North Pole.  EVERYBODY has dogs!  Anyway, I have been doing exactly what my trainer did with me, and also making Sister Jimenez go up to the home with dogs.  This trial of faith was doing really well until just this last week.  I told Sister Jimenez it would be fine, and we starting walking up to a home and this HUGE black dog comes running out of nowhere, passes right by me, and starts attacking Sister JImenez.  She is totally fine; the dog just bit her coat, but I felt so bad!!!  We laugh about it now, but I'm pretty sure she has lost all trust in my capability to calm dogs.  We will continue to work on that!  

Ummm, correction!  We have the truth!! 

This Church is so true.  The Book of Mormon is powerful and a guide for our lives.  I know there is power in prayer and fasting.  I also know that our Savior lives; He loves us and wants us to be happy.  As we come unto Him, that happiness will come!  I love Him and am so grateful each and every day to testify of Him.  I love my mission and am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve here.

Love, Sister Lake 

Fun fact--White mice are the only legal mice to own as pets in Alaska!!

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