Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Another Stellar week!!

We started out in Juneau on exchanges with Sister Richards and Sister Yeates.  Just let me tell ya, most beautiful place I have ever been, most amazing people I have ever met, and most dedicated and faithful sisters.  It was so fun to spend P-day there, and then go and see all the amazing work the sisters are doing in Juneau.  It was good and so fun to be back with Sister Richards again, even if it was only 48 hours.  It has been great going on exchanges with previous companions and seeing how much we have both changed, AND continue to learn from them!  So cool!  Juneau was amazing, and I'll send lots of beautiful pics!

I promise you we did work, but my mind is drawing a complete blank of what we did this week, sooo I'll give it my best shot.  We received transfer calls, and Sister Jackson and I are both staying in Anchorage!  We get the opportunity to pick up the new missionaries tomorrow, welcome them, and help them meet their trainers, which is so fun.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was flying to Alaska, and then I realize that was almost one year ago!  Crazy how fast time is flying!  Our new mission president and his wife, President and Sister Toone, arrive here on Friday.  We get to take Sister Toone out with us the night they fly in to teach with us--only slightly nerve racking, but also so exciting!  So, we have a crazy, busy week ahead, and I am so excited!

This week, though, I had one of the coolest, most touching experiences.  I'm sure you could probably tell from my emails that serving in North Pole was hard.  I love that place and the people so much, but I felt like I didn't accomplish anything there.  I worked so hard, and I knew I did, but for some reason I couldn't help but think I didn't do anything.  It was hard leaving and has been hard ever since feeling like I didn't make a difference, and that there wasn't anyone that I really helped.  Silly I know, but it has been a struggle.

Just this week, however, I received a call from the North Pole sisters letting me know that this kid, Brandon, that we tracted and taught about the Book of Mormon, was getting baptized this Saturday!!  Then they proceeded to tell me that the Garza kids are getting baptized, as well as Heather, and that Ariylynn and Ray Den had also been baptized!!!  I just received this overwhelming feeling of happiness, joy, and peace of mind that I did what I needed to do.  I did exactly what Heavenly Father needed me to do.  I was filled with so much happiness and joy for all of those people that I grew to love so much, that are about to and have made the best decision they could ever make.  I am so excited for them and the sisters up there.  They are incredible missionaries.  It was just such huge testimony builder that everything you do as a missionary is worth it.  

EVERY seed you plant is so important, and that you might not see the fruits of your labors for a long time, or while you're there, but the work you do is important.  I have heard that stated my entire mission but never really truly believed it until this week.  I am so thankful for that experience and for that testimony that God is aware of his children and knows what they need at the time they need it the most.  So, that was very exciting!

We also made a goal this week to not carry our iPads with us, but instead to only carry our Book of Mormon with the hope that we will testify, teach, and share the Book of Mormon and not share a video or something else.  Boy, have we seen miracles!!  We have had the privilege of sharing and testifying of the Book of Mormon so much and have found new potential investigators.  Once again, this experience strengthens my testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon!

Okay, sorry if this was all a big ramble.  Just know that this Church is true.  Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of his children, and He knows what is best for them.  The Gospel is the best thing that has happened to me, and one of the most amazing things to see how its teachings change peoples' lives.  I am so blessed to be here in Alaska and serving in such an awesome place with some wonderful people!  I love and miss you all!

Love, Sister Lake
Anchorage Alaska Mission


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