Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

It's The Little Things!


This week was honestly one of the best weeks I have had in a long time!  We had such a good week filled with service, meeting with less-active families, teaching our investigators, and meeting a new family that we are going to start teaching.  So much happened, but I have no clue what to share.  We saw so many miracles and had so many tender mercies each and every day.  Heavenly Father is watching out for this area, and I feel so blessed for that.  

On Sunday, it was like miracles after miracle.  We had these less-actives that hadn't come in a really long time just show up.  Two minutes later some more walked through the door, and then our two investigators walked in, and we were just sitting there with the biggest smiles on our faces.  I just had so much joy.  It was such an amazing Sacrament Meeting as well.  So many blessings!!

After church, we went from appointment to appointment, which normally doesn't happen.  We had an awesome lesson with this family that we are so excited to start teaching.  They have four adorable kids, and they are all just so funny!  

 Oh, my gosh!  Here's comes Santa Claus!!!

It snowed like a total of about nine inches, so we were able to do so much service for members, less-actives, and non-members, which was so fun.  Also, living here, you have to find those little things that keep you sane during the winters, and one of those things for me has been running.  We had what we called the "miracle treadmill" because it was a legit miracle and answer to so many prayers that it was given to us!  Anyway, it broke this week, and Sister Cox and I shed a few tears, but thankfully it was 25 degrees outside, so we were able to run outside.  I never thought that running outside would bring so much happiness, but I ran those three miles that morning with the biggest smile on my face ever!  It felt like paradise, and I realized how beautiful this place really is.  You can see that we literally live in the middle of nowhere, and the roads are these small snow-covered roads without any traffic, and there's not a house to be seen.  It's the little things that keep you sane living here.

 On my beautiful, scenic three-mile run!

Honestly, this week was so good.  We saw so many miracles and had so many blessings.  I have been studying the Plan of Salvation a lot this week.  It truly is the Plan of Happiness.  It is the coolest thing being able to teach people about the plan and see the joy that comes from them finding out that they can experience that joy and happiness in this life and the next--being able to return and live with our Heavenly Father again.  I have seen it bring joy to so many people, as well as the joy it has brought me.  

I know this Church is true.  I love this Gospel.  Hope you all had a great week!  

Love you all,
Sister Lake

P.S. A shout out to Amy Christensen for the adorable PJ pants!!!  And, if any of you were wondering...if you stick your tongue to the NORTH POLE, it doesn't stick!  

 Thanks, Amy Christensen!

 Checking to see if my tongue will stick...!
Yay...My tongue didn't stick!!

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