Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017



A few awesome/hilarious stories this week:

* We have two new investigators. They are so awesome!  One of them is just so excited to learn and told us on Sunday she is excited for our next lesson this week.  She is truly ready and has the sweetest spirit.

* I had exchanges this week with Sister Treu, and we were able to volunteer at Project Homeless.  It was such a cool experience, and we were able to talk with so many people about what we believe in.  It was amazing just being able to open our mouths and bear our testimonies to many people about how the Gospel brings an incredible amount of happiness.

 Sister Lake on exchanges with Sister Treu

* The weather reached 13 degrees this week, which was SO nice!!!  We had the windows down and everything (that's what Alaska will do to you)...and then it snowed and we're back down to -20.  It was nice while it lasted!

 Tracking in -20 degrees results in frozen toes, which results in having to unthaw them!

* THE SUN IS COMING OUT!  This week we have been able to tell such a difference in how long the sun is out.  We are gaining about an hour of sunlight a week.  HALLELUJAH!!!

* We had a day full of miracles yesterday.  By Saturday of this week, Sister Cox and I were both getting pretty discouraged.  We have been praying and working so hard to feel loved and trusted by the Church members, and we just felt like our efforts were going to waste.  But, we had so many miracles, left and right, on Sunday.  We really felt loved by so many members.  We can just tell that they are starting to trust us, which is an answer to many prayers.

* Funny story for this week...We went to meet this less-active brother at his house, whose name is Gerome.  We knocked on his door and this black guy answers it, lets us in, and just yells, "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT! (For the older generation, this is a line from a very popular song.)"  It was seriously SO funny.  He is awesome, probably one of my new favorite people.  We just sat there and he told us his whole life story--about how he came in contact with the Church and all of the experiences he has had.  We just sat there and laughed half of the time, and the other half sat there amazed at everything he has been through.  There are truly incredible people out there.

* Another funny story...We were trying to contact other less-actives.  Sister Cox knocks on a door and two teenage boys answer, and she asks if this certain lady lives there.  The boys said, "No," and so Sister Cox said, "Okay, never mind," and instead of leaving just stares at them for an awkward 30 seconds.  So, I pipe in and ask if we could share a message with them and they shut the door, then open it back up and said, "No," and then did the same thing two more times.  It was very awkward SO, of course, I just started dying laughing right there on the front porch.  When I get the giggles I cannot stop.  It was so funny!

Sister Cox (my fav)

* I have also been reading the book, "The Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley," and have just fallen in love with that man.  He has the best advice, and I am really trying my hardest to apply his teachings in my own life.  What a world of difference!  Y'all should ready Chapter three of his book--so good!

I love you guys, and I love this Gospel.  It's true.  Thanks for all you do!

Love Sister Lake

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